Silent Hill 2

I don’t have any stories to tell from my own life. Instead, I am going to nerd out about a video game because I would much rather do that, plus, no one is going to read this anyways. I don’t have much of a life besides playing dumb video games so imma nerd instead.

Silent Hill 2 is a survival horror video game published by Konami for the Playstation 2 and developed by Team Silent. It was released in September 2001 as the second installment in the Silent Hill series.

Silent Hill 2 is set, well, in Silent Hill. Silent Hill is (obviously) the main setting of both the games, and the movies. It’s a small town, secluded and lonely. Although it has the same layout and the same key locations in every iteration, every character sees the town just slightly different from one another. In each of the games the main characters find themselves (willing or not) exploring the town, finding it broken, and abandoned. Every time it seems to be filled with horror. The particular dangers are different for each visitor, strange inhuman creatures. This isn’t a normal ghost town, and its so much more than just a regular “zombie town.”

James Sunderland, a man grieving. Three years ago, he lost his wife to an unspecified illness. He has a letter, signed at the end by his dead wife, telling him that she is waiting for him in Silent Hill, where they had once spent a vacation together. James has driven to Silent Hill and found the road into town has been blocked. He stops along the road at a rest stop and decides to enter town on foot. He reads the letter from his wife again.
He doesn’t really ponder why the road has been so thoroughly barricaded. He doesn’t question why he’s come here looking for someone who he knows is dead. Even at this early stage of the game we can tell he’s a little… off somehow.

He heads into town through the woods. The closer he gets, the more fog there is, surrounding him, filling the air. There are strange sounds as he descends the path leading into town.

It should go without saying, but from here on are spoilers. if you don’t plan on ever playing the game, you can read ahead.

Eventually he gets to a graveyard and meets a girl who’s name seems to be Angela. James is just cutting through to get to the town, but Angela is sitting among the tombstones. Like all conversations in this game, their dialog is stilted, and it doesn’t really make a lot of sense. It’s like each of them is having their own conversation. James asks questions but she never gives him a straight answer. She’s not being evasive, they just don’t seem to know how to talk to each other. We can immediately tell that there is something off about her as well, is it because of the town?

James decides to move on and finally enters the town itself. It’s daytime, but the town is covered in thick, billowing fog, its difficult to see more than a few feet in front of him. The town looks empty and walled off from the outside world, everything is out of date. The cars, buildings and signage have a sort of 60’s and 70’s style about them, even though the story seems to take place today. James walks through the town, and suddenly he sees a humanoid figure ahead of him. It stumbles and twists horrifically, even from so far away, we can tell that its not human.

To Be Continued…

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